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Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
  • Lectures on Romans 

    Becker, Siegbert W. (1992)
    A transcript of Dr. Siegbert W. Becker's Lectures on Romans.
  • Counseling At The Empty Tomb - Hopeful Resolve 

    Russow, David P. (2017)
    Thesis – Just as counseling at the cross brings the sure resolve of forgiveness to the guilt-ridden soul, through Jesus’ substitutionary, debt-settling death, so also counseling at the empty tomb brings hopeful resolve to ...
  • Martin Luther and the State 

    Braun, Mark (2017)
    This essay demonstrates how Luther’s attitude toward the means of grace made Lutheranism unique for its time in its struggle to keep church and state separate: Since only the gospel can create faith and preserve orthodoxy, ...
  • Luther and the Saints: The Priesthood of All Believers – A True Treasure of the Lutheran Reformation 

    Zarling, Mark (2017)
    This essay reviews Luther’s teaching about the universal priesthood of all believers and its relationship to the public ministry. The study naturally leads to a review of Luther’s thought on the family and the nobility of ...
  • Martin Luther--God's Voice 

    Wendland, Paul O. (2017)
    This essay reviews Luther’s ministry as interpreter of the Bible. Topics include: Luther, the university lecturer and cultivator of pastors; Luther the law/gospel preacher; Luther the translator of Scripture; and Luther’s ...

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