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    • The Church's Ministry 

      Walther, C.F.W.; Baier, Johann; Schaefer, Benjamin (2010)
      This abridgment of chapter 14 of Johann Wilhelm Baier's Compendium was published in Volume 107/1 (Winter 2010) of the Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly. Translated by Benjamin P. Schaefer.
    • The Church's Ministry 

      Baier, Johann; Walther, C.F.W.; Schaefer, Benjamin (0000)
      This is Chapter 14 of Johann Wilhelm Baier's Compendium. Translation by Benjamin P. Shaefer.
    • Forward to Volume 25 of Lehre und Wehre 

      Walther, C.F.W. (1879)
      C.F.W. Walther explores how a church body can be confessional especially in his context with issues with the State Church and other church bodies who, hypocritically, said they were confessional.
    • The Fruitful Reading of Luther's Writings 

      Walther, C.F.W. (2016)
      C.F.W. Walther gives a number of suggestions for beneficial reading of Luther’s work. He stresses the importance of knowing Luther’s unique role in history and shows Luther’s fame through many quotations of Luther’s ...
    • Theological Axioms 

      Walther, C.F.W. (2011)
    • Theologische Axiome 

      Walther, C.F.W. (0000)
      Walther’s theological axioms